Hotel Luz del Mar - Environment

The Hotel Luz del Mar attachs high importance on environmental protection and sustainability. The preservation of natural resources, the thrifty use of energy, support for the local traders and the protection of natural habitats are company principles which should be highlighted. Electricity is used by renewable energies.

The treatment of so-called grey water (filtered bath/shower water or water from the washbasin) serves to water the garden areas. The pool is heated by means of solar energy. The air conditioning system is operated by a heat exchanger system, which allows recovering heat from the exhaust air of the kitchen, etc. 

Hotel Luz del Mar is actively involved in the prevention of plastic waste. Therefore in the bathroom are no small portion packaging with shampoo, shower gel, comb, toothbrush set etc. in plastic designed. Instead, paper-wrapped soap and shampoo are provided in a refillable dispenser. So that no plastic waste is generated on the way, we ask you to take along reusable water bottles, lunch boxes and shopping bags.

These are only some of the aspects used to implement our principles.

Hotel Luz del Mar - Environment

The endemic flora in our botanic gardens gives you a first impression of the unique variety of Tenerife’s flora.