General terms of business


1.     The accommodation contract comes into being by the reservation confirmation of the hotel.

2.     The overnight stay price is directed after at the time of the valid achievement performance and in the reception of the hotel as well as in the rooms being displayed or – hanging pricelist of the hotel. If divergent prices have been agreed with the reservation, these count. There remains it to the hotel reserved with the reservation a deposit or a security on the prospective overnight stay costs to request. An onͲline reservation is possible only by information of the credit card as a security. Nevertheless, the credit card will not charge with the reservation, serves only as a security. In case of a cancellation the booking authorises the hotel to load the cancellation costs according to Abs.5 of the given credit card.


3.     Booked rooms are available to the guest during the journey day from 15 o'clock and during the departure day till 12.00 o'clock, unless other times are agreed with the reservation. A claim to use of a certain room exists only with explicit assent by the hotel.


4.     An subletting of a room or relet a room by the guest is allowed only after explicit approval by the hotel.


5.     Also with cancellation of the reservation by the guest the agreed price is entitled to the hotel basically. Nevertheless, in favour of the guest are brought at the hotel by the nonͲclaim of the room to saved expenditures inclusively in beginning.


The following scaling counts to it:

-       Cancellation up to 30 days before agreed journey: free of charge

-       Cancellation 29 - 7 days before agreed journey: 20%

-       Cancellation 6 - 3 days before agreed journey: 40%

-       Cancellation less than 3 days before agreed journey: 60%

-       No-Show: 80%

-       Non-refundable Reservation: It is charged when making the reservation. Cancellations, or no-show at the accommodation, have no refund.

The percentages refer to the agreed whole price including local tax.


In case of that the hotel is obliged to cancel the reservation due to force majeure, uncontrollable, unusual or unpredictable circumstances, whose consequences despite caution could not have been avoided, reservation is considered invalid, and the customer is not entitled to claim or damages.

These circumstances shall be notified, according to possibilities, by the same means by which the reservation was confirmed.

6.     The hotel takes over basically no liability for brought luggage (including valuables) of the guest. Nevertheless, objects of value can be stored in the room safe and then are insured by the insurance relation concluded by the hotel against theft. Nevertheless, in view of the insurance terms the hotel reserves itself to reject the storage of objects or monetary amounts with (from the hotel to be estimated) value of more than 1,500 EUR.


7.     We preserve or do not keep your vehicle. Hence, we do not stick for the contents of your vehicle or damages which are caused by third in your vehicle.


8.     Divergent arrangements of the points performed on top need the written form.


9.   Place of fulfilment and place of payment is the hotel Luz del Mar in Los Silos, Tenerife.

It is worth exclusively Spanish right.


Hotel Luz del Mar

Avda. Sibora N° 10

38470 Los Silos / Tenerife


Tel.: 0034 922 841 623

Date: January 2019